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Holidays in August:
Festivals and Holidays Around the World

Explore the vibrant world of August festivals and holidays with our diverse collection. Delve into rich traditions and cultural celebrations around the globe
Swiss National Day
Location: Switzerland
Date: August 1st
Status: National and Cultural Holiday
Purpose: The day serves as a reminder of Switzerland's history, unity, and cultural diversity. It promotes a sense of national pride and patriotism among the Swiss people

History of the festival: Swiss National Day was established as a national holiday in 1891 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. It has since become an essential part of Swiss identity and culture

Traditions and Symbols: Swiss flags adorn the streets and houses, and bonfires and fireworks light up the night sky. Parades, traditional music, and regional dances showcase Switzerland's cultural heritage

Friendship Day

Location: It is celebrated in various countries worldwide, including the United States, India, and many others
Date: August 6th, observed on the first Sunday of August
Status: Cultural and Social Holiday
Purpose: The day aims to promote love, compassion, and understanding among friends and foster a sense of unity among people of different backgrounds

History of the holiday: CFriendship Day was first proposed in 1930 by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall. It was later officially declared by the United Nations in 2011 as a day of promoting friendship and understanding

Traditions and Symbols: Friends often exchange friendship bands, cards, and gifts to express their affection and gratitude for each other's friendship. Social media platforms are also popular for sending heartfelt messages and sharing memories
Obon Festival
Location: Japan
Date: from August 13th to 15th in most regions, but the dates may vary by region and temple customs
Status: Religious and Cultural Festival
Purpose: The festival provides an opportunity for families to reunite and pay respects to deceased loved ones. It also allows people to express gratitude for the guidance and support they received from their ancestors

History of the festival: The Obon Festival has its origins in Buddhist customs related to ancestral veneration. The festival has been observed for centuries as a way to honor deceased family members and ancestors

Traditions and Symbols: During Obon, families visit the graves of their ancestors and offer food, flowers, and incense as offerings. The festival is marked by traditional Bon dances performed in local communities, and lanterns are lit to guide the spirits of the deceased back to the spiritual real
Notting Hill Carnival
Location: Notting Hill area of London, United Kingdom
Date: from August 27th to 28th, last weekend of August
Status: Cultural and Music Festival
Purpose: The carnival aims to promote Caribbean culture, diversity, and community spirit in London. It also serves as a platform for showcasing Caribbean music, dance, and traditions

History of the festival: The Notting Hill Carnival was first held in 1966 as a response to racial tensions in London and to celebrate Caribbean culture. It has since grown into a vibrant and inclusive event

Traditions and Symbols: The carnival is characterized by vibrant costumes, music from steel bands and sound systems, Caribbean dance styles such as Soca and Calypso, and Caribbean cuisine. It also features the grand parade with floats and masquerade bands

Raksha Bandhan

Location: India, Nepal, and other South Asian countries.
Date: August 30th, falls on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu month of Shravana
Status: Religious and Cultural Festival
Purpose: Raksha Bandhan emphasizes the love and protection siblings offer to one another. It strengthens family ties and fosters a sense of responsibility and care

History of the holiday: Raksha Bandhan has its roots in ancient Hindu mythology and historical tales of brotherly protection. The festival has been celebrated for centuries, reflecting the deep cultural significance of sibling relationships

Traditions and Symbols: Sisters tie the rakhi on their brothers' wrists, and brothers, in return, offer gifts or money as a symbol of their pledge to protect their sisters. The day is also marked by family gatherings and feasting
La Tomatina
Location: The festival takes place in the town of Buñol, near Valencia, Spain
Date: August 30th, on the last Wednesday of August
Status: Cultural and Fun Festival
Purpose: he festival is about promoting joy, releasing stress, and fostering community spirit. It brings people together to enjoy a playful and messy event

History of the festival: The origin of La Tomatina is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have started in the mid-20th century as a playful food fight during a local celebration

Traditions and Symbols: The main event of La Tomatina involves participants throwing tomatoes at each other, turning the streets into a sea of red. The festival is also accompanied by music, dancing, and street parties
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