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20 Fun and Creative Themed Party Ideas for Adults

Looking for themed party ideas for your upcoming event? Look no further! Whether it's a birthday, bachelorette party, or corporate event, choosing a theme can make the party more interesting and memorable.
Our article provides a wide selection of 20 themed parties for adults, from classic 70's and 80's style parties to trending ideas that are blowing up social media. We offer ideas for every occasion, including bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, and evenings out with loved ones. Remember, the goal of any party is to create a positive and fun atmosphere for you and your guests, so don't forget to enjoy the process of organizing it!

Color Party

Try the Color Party! This trendy TikTok birthday theme is a hit on social media, and it's easy to see why. Each guest chooses their favorite color and comes dressed in that hue, along with bringing food and drinks in the same color. Imagine a sea of green, blue, or pink at your party!
Not only will this party theme create a fun atmosphere, but it will also make for great social media content. So, get ready to add some color to your next event!

Party in the style of your favorite movie or TV series

Looking for a unique and fun party theme for adults? Why not throw a party in the style of your favorite movie or TV series? Whether you're a fan of Game of Thrones, Friends, or Harry Potter, this idea is sure to be a hit with your guests.
To get started, choose your favorite show and have your guests come dressed up as their favorite characters. You can also decorate the room with appropriate decorations and serve meals that were eaten by the main characters.
For example, if you choose to throw a Harry Potter themed party, you can decorate the room with Hogwarts-inspired decor and serve Butterbeer and pumpkin pasties. If you choose to throw a Game of Thrones party, you can decorate the room with medieval-inspired decor and serve foods such as roasted meats and mulled wine.
The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild and throw a party that your guests will never forget!

Karaoke Theme Party for Adults

Who doesn't love a good karaoke session? Gather your friends and family and sing your hearts out with this entertaining party theme. All you need is a microphone, a speaker system, and a list of your favorite songs. You can easily download karaoke versions of your favorite songs online or use special karaoke apps.
Don't forget to provide snacks and drinks for your guests to keep their energy levels up and spirits high. A karaoke party is the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories.

Cocktail Party

Do you have a passion for mixology or want to learn how to make delicious cocktails? Then this interactive cocktail party theme is perfect for you and your guests. You'll need the necessary ingredients and tools to make a variety of cocktails, as well as a professional bartender to give you a masterclass.
After you've made your cocktails, you can sip and savor your creations while sharing your impressions with your friends. This party theme is a great way to socialize and have fun while learning a new skill.

Party by Your Favorite Artist

Looking for a trendy party theme for music lovers? Try "Party by Your Favorite Artist!" With this theme, guests can channel their inner creativity by dressing up as their favorite artist or band, inspired by their music videos or concert performances. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style and celebrate your love for music! Get your dance on with the top dance albums by your favorite artist. Perfect for any party or dance party

The Great Gatsby Themed Party

Transport your guests back to the roaring 20s with this glamorous party theme. Emulate the luxurious and extravagant style of The Great Gatsby with elegant period costumes, decorations, and music. Prepare decadent food and drinks to create an atmosphere of sophistication and glamour

Tropical Party

Bring a little sunshine to your party with a tropical theme. This party theme is suitable for any time of year, and you can use bright colors and decorations to create a tropical island vibe. Decorate the room with palm trees, flowers, and other tropical decorations, and serve up cocktails with exotic fruits. Encourage your guests to dress in beach party style outfits for a memorable and fun party
Get inspired with these creative Hawaiian party ideas to throw the ultimate tropical-themed bash for your friends!

Sock Hops of the 1950s Disco Theme Party Ideas for Adults

If you're a fan of retro style and classical music, then a 50s-style sock hop party is the perfect theme for you. Decorate the room with vintage posters and bright colors, and invite your guests to dress in '50s-inspired outfits like bell skirts, leather jackets, high collar shirts, and high-waisted pants.
Choose the perfect music for dancing, such as rock 'n' roll, boogie woogie, and '50s jazz. Serve up popular dishes from the era, like burgers, fries, milkshakes, and cherry pie. Your sock hop party will be a blast from the past that everyone will remember

Disco Party in the 70's Style

Bring back the nostalgia of the 70's with a disco party theme! Dress up in flared pants and sequined shirts, decorate the room with gold and sequins, and blast some ABBA and Donna Summer on the speakers. This theme is perfect for those who love bright colors and good music

Add some sparkle to your disco party with a disco ball!

80's Disco Party

If you're a fan of bold colors and groovy music, then an 80's theme party is perfect for you. Dress up in high-shouldered suits, glittery leggings, and accessorize with beads and rings. Decorate the room with bright lights and geometric shapes and play some Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince tunes

90's Disco Party

Take it back to the 90's with a disco party theme. Decorate the room with bright lamps, mirror balls, and colorful wallpaper. Encourage guests to dress up in high-waisted pants, bomber jackets, and checked shirts. Blast some Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys for the ultimate 90's vibe

Met Gala style party

Get creative and throw your own Met Gala event at home! Guests can dress up in extravagant looks and create a fashion and costume party atmosphere with a red carpet and camera flashes.

Glitz and Glam Party

For a sophisticated and glamorous party, choose a Glitz and Glam theme. Decorate the room with glitter, crystals, and mirrors. Encourage guests to wear dresses or costumes adorned with sequins and crystals. Serve gold and shiny dishes and cutlery, cocktails with gold tips and crystals, and dessert with glow-in-the-dark candy

Wine Party

If you love wine, then a wine party is a great idea. Ask guests to bring their favorite wines and organize a tasting. Pair the wines with appetizers and create a cozy atmosphere with candles and flowers. You can even organize a wine-themed quiz for extra fun
Discover the best ways to set the mood, pour the perfect glass, and create an ambiance that will leave everyone feeling festive and fun

Black and White Party

For a stylish and classic party, choose a black and white theme. Encourage guests to dress up in black and white outfits and decorate the room with black and white balloons and tableware

Marvel Party

Transform your guests into superheroes with a Marvel theme party. Decorate the room with posters and photos, comic book-inspired furnishings, and organize themed games and contests

Pajama Party

For a cozy and relaxed party, throw a pajama party. Decorate the room with soft pillows, blankets, and candles, and prepare snacks that can be eaten in bed. Encourage guests to wear their pajamas and slippers and pick out movies or games to keep everyone entertained

Search Party

For a unique and exciting party, organize a search party with a detective story and clues to solve. Prepare props and detective tools like a magnifying glass and letter books and encourage guests to dress up as detectives

Board Games Party

If you love puzzles and games, then a board games party is a great idea. Set up various games and puzzles and create a themed décor. Serve convenient snacks like mini burgers, tacos, and snacks, and drinks
Organize the perfect party with board games and make it unforgettable

Home Spa Party

Relax with your guests with a home spa party. Prepare scented candles, massage oils, face masks, and other spa amenities. Encourage guests to bring their own robes and slippers and prepare light snacks and drinks
Choose one of these party themes or mix and match for a unique. So get creative, have fun, and make your party one to remember!