Baby Shower Ideas

How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower: Tips and Ideas

Are you expecting and planning a baby shower? We're here to guide you on how to plan the perfect baby shower that your friends and family will cherish. From ideas to create a memorable celebration, to the best games and gifts to make it extra special, we've got you covered

What is baby shower?

If you're wondering what a baby shower is, it's a special celebration for expectant parents in honor of their new arrival. This holiday is an opportunity to shower the parents-to-be with love and support, and help them prepare for the upcoming arrival of their little one. Typically, baby showers are organized by close friends and family of the expectant parents. It's a time for guests to bring gifts, offer advice, and show their excitement for the new addition to the family

What month can I have a baby shower?

It is recommended to plan the baby shower during the last trimester of pregnancy, specifically around 30 to 38 weeks pregnant. However, it's important to consider the expectant mother's health and her doctor's recommendations when planning the shower. If you're organizing the event, be sure to prioritize the mother's well-being

Who should you invite to a baby shower?

When planning a baby shower, it's important to consult with the parents-to-be about the guest list and their preferences. While traditionally only women participated in baby showers, this tradition is becoming less common. Be sure to invite close relatives and friends of the parents-to-be to share in the celebration

Where is the best place to hold a baby shower?

When deciding on a location for the baby shower, consider your budget and the number of guests you plan to invite. Baby showers can be held in various locations, including at home, in a rented space, or at a cafe. For a cozy and intimate atmosphere, we recommend choosing a small, enclosed space

What should you include in a baby shower?

If you're planning a baby shower, it's important to create a program that includes various stages such as games, gift opening, refreshments, and chatting with the parents-to-be. To make the event even more special, consider using themed accessories such as balloons, banners, photos, and table decorations to create a festive atmosphere.

Baby shower games

When planning a baby shower, it's important to create a program that includes various activities to keep guests engaged and entertained. One great way to do this is through baby shower games. Here are some ideas for interactive and fun games to play at your baby shower:

Guess the baby from the pictures
Ask guests to bring their own baby pictures. Your guests should guess who the kid's picture belongs to and the smartest one will get a prize

Guess the baby food
For this fun game, you need to purchase jars of baby food and take the labels off them. Guests then blindly taste and try to guess the flavor

Who knows the parents better?
This game is a way to see who knows the parents-to-be best. You need to prepare questions about the mom and/or dad-to-be and then ask those questions to the guests. Whoever gives the most correct answers is the winner of the quiz

The Right Price
One popular baby shower game is the guess the price game. Prepare slips for guests naming baby items and accessories and leave a field for their cost. Guests must guess how much each item costs and whoever comes closest or guesses and is the winner

Change a diaper blind
For this fun speed game, you will need two dolls, blindfolds, and diapers. Divide the guests into two teams, each team member must blindly change a diaper and pass the baton to the other. The team that does it the fastest will be the winner. This game is great training for expectant parents!

A game of charades on a children's theme
Guess a child-related item for each guest and divide the guests into two teams. Each guest must explain the puzzled word with gestures and facial expressions in one minute. The team that guesses the most words in the allotted time wins

What's in the bag?
Prepare children's things and pack them in numbered paper bags. Provide the guests with paper and pen and hand out a bag to each. The guest should guess by touch what is in the bag without opening it. The mom-to-be will then open each bag to determine which guest guessed the most

Baby shower ideas

Looking for fun and creative baby shower ideas? Check out our 10 suggestions that will make your celebration unforgettable!

Future baby and parents video
Record your guests saying a few words for the parents-to-be and the baby, and create a heartwarming video

Baby bottle bar
Serve drinks in baby bottles to create a fun mini bar for your guests.

Guest wishes
Let guests write their wishes for the future parents and baby, and display them on a clothesline

Photo area
Set up a photo area with decorations like flowers, balloons, and garlands for guests to take memorable photos and videos

Prepare a menu of hors d'oeuvres and create a themed bar, such as an ice cream, bagel, or popcorn bar. Experiment with presentation and add fresh fruit

Use children's toys, books, candles, and cute souvenirs in addition to balloons and flowers to decorate your baby shower

Create cute invitations using different materials and send them by email or messenger

Time capsule for baby
Create a time capsule for your little one to open in a few years, and ask guests to bring something for it, such as comic books, newspapers, or pictures

Gifts for guests
Thank your guests with cute gifts packaged in baby shower style, such as photos from the party, keepsakes, and thank you cards

Make your baby shower fun with interactive games, such as guessing baby pictures or food, diaper-changing races, a game of charades, or guessing the prices of baby items.

What gifts should you give at a baby shower?

Gifts for a baby shower can be varied - something practical to take care of the baby, baby clothes, named pillows, blankets and toys. You can also pay attention to future parents by giving a gift to them. We recommend consulting with expectant parents and find out what things they need for the baby
In conclusion, organizing a baby shower can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be daunting. We hope that our tips on how to plan a baby shower, including ideas for games, gifts, and decorations, will assist you in throwing an unforgettable celebration for the expectant parents and their loved ones. With careful planning and attention to detail, your baby shower will be filled with joy and warmth as you await the arrival of the new addition to the family. Have a wonderful and memorable baby shower!