Permeet: Events
Meetup Planner
Ultimate Event Planning Tool
No more searching for scattered event photos and videos in different chats and clouds! Get them all in one place, so you can relive those happy moments anytime, anywhere.
Never forget to send your best wishes again with our unique feature! You can easily schedule congratulatory messages and pre-recorded videos to be automatically sent on important dates, so your loved ones always feel remembered and appreciated.Stay connected, even when life gets hectic, with Permeet!
Event Timeline
Permeet automatically adjusts the Timeline and notifies your Guests with just one tap, taking that job from you. Don't ever worry about changing your plans - it's on us!
Wish List
They say there are no bad gifts, right? Unfortunately, we both know there are.

Set up your Wish List to make sure you always get what you want
Media Storage
Greetings Schedule
Your Companion to Crafting Perfect Events, Where Every Detail is Designed to Delight Your Guests!
Permeet - the Ultimate Event Planning Tool
💌 Invitation
With Permeet your Guests receive custom Invitations via SMS, with the whole event preview inside
⚡️ Ad Hoc Feature
Feeling free tonight? Call out your friends for a quick hangout with just one tap
🍰 Menu
Break down your Menu into several Meals and connect with Timeline
📍 Track Guest on map
Always get to know how soon your Guests are coming - and get ready in time!
💭 Chats
Forget about infinite dialogues! Have your Chat created automatically, with Permeet.
👗 Dress code
Set up a specific style for your party. Get creative!
📊 Polls & Questions
Red, white or rose wine? Mexican or Italian cuisine? Sync with your guests and decide together!
👍 Feedbacks
Receive comments and rates - let your Guests thank you for a great time