Permeet: Events
Meetup Planner
Ultimate Event Planning Tool
Our Media Storage is a recap of all your events at one place - keep your Memories always easy to find and recall!
No more forgetting birthdays! Get ahead of the game and plan those congrats in advance. Write a text or even record a video and it'll be sent out on the day you set.
Event Timeline
If your guests always know the plan - there's much less to worry about.
Our job is to make you enjoy the event!
Wish List
They say there are no bad gifts, right? Unfortunately, we both know there are.

Set up your Wish List to make sure you always get what you want
Media Storage
Greetings Schedule
Create and hold gatherings of any type and size
Permeet - the Ultimate Event Planning Tool
💌 Invitation
Customize and send stylish invitations - we will make sure you guests receive them well
⚡️ Fast Meeting
Feeling free tonight? Call out your friends for a quick hangout

🍰 Create your own Menu
It's always a big question on any event - solve it within minutes!
📍 Track Guest on map
People tend to get late - we can't help with that, but we will make sure you know how soon they are coming
💭 Chats
Forget about gathering friends from different messengers - keep everyone at one place
👗 Dress code
You can always set up a specific style for your party. Get creative!
📊 Polls & Questions
Not sure how many forks you need? You can always ask your guests
👍 Feedbacks
Something you might not want to hear, but what will make your events much better (you can turn them off though)
The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.