Permeet: Events
Meetup Planner
Ultimate Event Planning Tool
No more searching for scattered event photos and videos in different chats and clouds! Get them all in one place, so you can relive those happy moments anytime, anywhere.
With this feature, you can easily schedule congratulatory messages and pre-recorded videos to be automatically sent on important dates. Stay connected, even when life gets hectic, with Permeet!

Timeline Planner

Permeet automatically adjusts the Timeline and notifies your Guests with just one tap, taking that job from you. Don't ever worry about changing your plans - we got you covered!

Wishlist Wizard

Permeet allows you to create Wish Lists within seconds: you see something cool, take a photo and simply add to your list! Share your Lists with the Guests, and always get what you really want.

Shared Cloud Media Storage

Automated digital greeting scheduler

Who's bringing children? Is everyone eating meat? Does the time suite your guests? Easily create polls and make sure everyone enjoys the event - with Permeet.

Polls and Question

Guests on Map

With Permeet, you always know where your guests are. With this feature your Guests can share their location in real-time, so you can focus on what’s really important.

Get It Done

Whenever you need help with Event prep, easily create a Task for your Guests - friends will take over and help you.

Budget Breakdown

No need for other Budgeting apps! With Permeet you can keep everything at one place, and always keep an eye of your spendings.
No more one-by-one inviting! With Permeet, you can send personalized invitations to all of your Guests with just few taps! No other RSVP service provides this much in-depth feature.

Invitations Radar

Permeet helps you after the event as well! You can receive feedbacks about your parties, and feel truly appreciated.


Design an impeccable event timeline and instantly notify your guests, providing them with all the essential details. Enjoy a well-organized gathering that everyone will remember.
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Your Companion to Crafting Perfect Events, Where Every Detail is Designed to Delight Your Guests!
Permeet facilitates communication and bonding among people by taking care of organization, freeing up time and energy for building relationships.

Permeet - the Ultimate Event Planning Tool