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Facing the Birthday Blues?
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What is the Birthday Blues Phenomenon?

It’s that looming feeling of anxiety and sadness that creeps in roughly 21 days before your big day. But here's a thought: what if preparing for the birthday could be part of the joy and not just a source of stress?
How Can Permeet Help?
Plan with Precision
Use our intuitive event creator to note down all the details of your event - date, time, location, and more
Personalized Invitations
No need to buy cards or post them! Design and send stylish invitations via SMS or invitation link in minutes.
Stay Informed
Track RSVPs effortlessly and get a headcount. Know who's coming and who's not, so you can plan accordingly.
Timeline Tweaks
Adjust the event's timeline and notify your guests in real-time. Keeping everyone in the loop was never this easy.
Create a Wishlist
Permeet's wish list lets you create and share your desires with your guests, making sure you receive the gifts you truly want.
Poll for Preferences
Curious about your guests' music or food preferences? Create polls and get insights to make your party even better.
Dress to Impress
Set and share the dress code for your event. No more awkward over or under-dressing.
Gather & Share Memories
Gather event photos and videos in one place, so you can relive those happy moments anytime, anywhere.
Gather Feedback
Know what went right and what could be improved for your next party.
Ready to Dive In?
Download Permeet now and make your birthday unforgettable!
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"Thanks to Permeet, I was so busy planning my dream birthday that I totally forgot about my usual pre-birthday anxiety!"
"That time when the birthday blues hit me, my boyfriend suggested to check out Permeet. The planning process was genuinely fun and took my mind off things"
About Permeet
Permeet is an all-in-one personal event organizer, designed to make celebrations memorable and planning a breeze