FAQ Site
1. The function of this site?
Permeet One is the world's largest social platform of cross-language. Committed in different regions, different languages, different cultures better mutual understanding via the Internet. Here, users can register, find friends, write a letter, send a gift, to vote. Log day, you can have a higher level of activity, the high level would enjoy more. Of course, you can upgrade for advanced or VIP members can also access more features
2. how to join? Complex process it?
Sign up to join, registration will allow you to better understand and use our services. The process is very simple. First visit www.Permeet.com- Select language - register for free, you can. Or direct access http://www.Permeet.com
3. Add to pay for it?
Basic functions Registration and ordinary members are free. You also can choose according to their preferences to service functions, membership and VIP service, just spend the equivalent of a few drinks in the money, you can order our 30 days of service, with more far apart people become friends. Of course, you can also select the service period. Premium is 20 gold / month, VIP membership is 199 coins / month. For more information: recharge - Members upgrade.
4. registration fails how to do?
Please register as required:
User name contains only letters, numbers or _ 3-20 characters; sex selection;
Password contains only letters or numbers, six or more, and repeat One times;
Available real mailbox.
5. Lost Password how to do?
If you forget or lose your password, you can choose - Home - Login - Forgot Password - Enter the mailbox, then the password.
6. Why do you want to fill in personal information, as well as upload photos?
Personal data on people's mutual understanding and helpful. Personal photos can allow people to each other through the network relatively specific impression. You certainly have the right to choose, experience has shown that a sound profile can greatly increase your understanding of others and the degree of interest, personal photos but allows you to be more than 10 times the degree of attention!
What is the site of gold?
This site provides users with gold service, u can buy and use this website in gold. Gold is no age limit. Gold is non-refundable. No monetary value of gold can not stand outside the unauthorized sale or transfer.
8. How to recharge coins?
You can log - recharge, or log - Member function - recharge. We currently offer only Visa/MasterCard 、 PayPal, Alipay and other network security payment, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose the way -PayPal- credit card payments. All payment is absolutely safe. Powered absolutely no automatic memory program or recurring charges. Have any questions, please contact us immediately.
9. How to send free message? If you need an interpreter, how to do?
You can choose to send a message "do not translate." Your daily sent free number private letter, depending on your gender and level, if you are female users, then every day you can send 50 + 10n seal free private letter, if you are a male user, every day you can send 5 + n seal free private letter, where n is the membership level. If you want to send more free private letter, please upgrade to Premium or VIP. We can also provide private letter to pay the translation, and is artificial, basically you submit complete text interpreter within two hours. Translation costs are based on gold, for every 100 characters (50 characters) takes 1 gold coin and gold at least 1 per letter. Currently in the web version of the language we provide translation can be achieved. Specifically: Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese.
10. How do you upgrade? Upgrade to Premium or VIP What is the use?
You can log - Upgrade Membership - Choose upgrade project - commit. Premium and VIP are all monthly membership, enjoy higher functionality, after information, please visit Reference: recharge - Members Help
11. What is the Level? What is the use?
Level is the user's activity levels. You just log on in the day, your active days will be increased by one. When you active days accumulated to a certain extent the One, your Level will be upgraded. Level required to upgrade specific number of hours squared = L, where L is the corresponding number of levels. As Level 2 requires 2 * 2 = 4 hours active. Senior Member Level upgrade the speed is 1.5 times, VIP twice. Active higher the level, the more features you can use for free. After reference information, please visit: recharge - Members upgrade.
12. What is the use to vote? How to vote?
Voting basically reflects the user's popularity in Permeet globe. The higher the vote, we will be rewarded and organize appropriate activities. You only need to click on the icon to vote. In order to reflect the value of equity and voting, to the same day u One person can only vote One free ticket (normal user can give L individual voting day, advanced users can give 5L individual voting, VIP can give 10L individual voting .L as Level Miles) , for the same day to the same One person required to pay a multi-cast gold / ticket. There is no limit to accept the vote.
13. The site has real gift? How to send real gifts?
Some. You can choose a gift in the account - the real gift. In the "Remarks" explained the gift service requirements, such as the date of service, other addresses, messages and the like. Real gift of at least one week in advance to book. As for the recipient did not provide an address and telephone number, we need some time to get in touch with One OK. Gift giving time to note the difference. Local time in the country. Gift date as the host country met the statutory holidays, orders may be postponed. One sort of international gift-giving time is local time 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, only clear one day served, we can not guarantee the morning or afternoon. The major areas of urban areas.
14. How do I delete an account?
You have the right to delete your account, please use your registered email or station letter to contact us, after we confirm, it will delete your account and all the registration information. When you reach a sufficient level of online, you can hide or delete your own account, without having to contact the administrator.
15. Complaints illegal member?
We strictly control the illegal, untrue members, as well as the requirements of u transfer to personal circumstances. If you find, please contact us and tell us their username and complaints. We will investigate and take action as soon as possible. Have any comments and suggestions, or questions, please contact us or email to the station
Thank you!